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ZenApe is a collection of free 5,000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and a home for innovators who want to make the world a better place.

In a world full of rush and noise, we are inspired by the path and virtues forged in the community of Zen monkeys. It is a place where we can find ourselves again and use our knowledge to help each other become better versions of ourselves.

ZenApe is a community, a way of thinking and a movement. From technological development to self-development, this is an interest for every monk.

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In a land before time, the monkeys and the Kongz dwelt in lush jungles and feasted on bananas. The arrival of humankind destroyed the balance of the world. The forests were plundered and made barren.

While the Kongz pursued evolution and technological progress and became the mighty Cyberkongz, the monkeys sought refuge in the Mountains and jungles to find spritual peace and deeper connection with nature.

Those apes that became enlightened or are pursuing the path towards enlightenment are now known as the Zen Apes, a band of Monkes following the Noble Apefold Path.

Now, the Zen Apes realize the time is ripe to share their teachings to the world, and seek communion with their long lost friends...

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Zentalk Series

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ZenTalk is a fun and relaxed Twitter Space series hosted by monke council member M1nn1e.
We showcase projects and people we love and ask them the hot questions that everyone's dying to know the answers to!
Featured: Wilxlee, ToyzNFT, GodJira, EddyisKongz, Glen Robinson III

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Careers in Web3 Series

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Careers in Web3 is a Twitter Space series hosted by monke council member 0xZen.

We interview professionals from all portfolios in Web3, asking them about their experience, interests and recommendations for others interested in diving deeper into the space

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The Monke Council

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- co-founders of zenape -

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Core Team

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- developers, artist & community manager -

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